What to Expect on Sunday

The Basics:

We gather every Sunday at 9:30am to worship

Come as you are--each week you'll see some dressed in jeans and some in suits

Childcare is available every Sunday

Sunday School is offered for Pre-K through 2nd Grade all summer

Stick around after the service for a chance to connect and build community over coffee, Goldberg's bagels, and other treats


Worshipping God

We gather weekly to proclaim that God alone is worthy of our praise.  We are gathered together by God despite our many differences as one body to lift up our voices together in the midst of the world.  As we worship we encounter the living, Triune God through the Scriptures and the sacraments of baptism and the Lord's Supper.  

We desire our worship to be

Scriptural--filled with and faithful to the Word of God

Participative--calling all to actively engage in worship

Formational--shaping us more deeply as followers of Jesus

Vibrant--filled with the fresh wind of the Spirit

Rooted--drawing on the deep water of the Church's tradition and history while still engaging our current context

But what style is it?  You might call it "blended" or "eclectic" or "convergent", but we just call it worship: saying and singing that God alone is worthy of praise in a variety of styles, mediums, voices, and instruments.  We strive to offer all of our gifts to God in worship.  Come check it out and join your voice to ours!