Volunteer Job Descriptions and Registration

Please read through the job descriptions below and then complete the form at the bottom of the page to register.

Crew Leader – Shepherd 7-8 kids through different stations each day.  Be a friend, a helper and an encourager.  Draw kids into discussions and activities as much as possible. 

Job Skills – Love the Lord and love children.

Imagination Station/Craft and Play - Lead four sessions each day and help kids connect the fun to the truths in the daily Bible verse.

Job Skills – Be not-boring!!  Organize supplies and become familiar with materials and the leader manual.  Be enthusiastic!

KidVid Cinema and Missions Leader- Lead four sessions of Kid Vid Cinemas each day.  Show the Kid Vid video and guide crews in thought-provoking experiences and heart-touching discussions.  

Job Skills – Put on your “techie hat” to use a TV and DVD player, become familiar with the materials in the Leader Manual. 

Kitchen – Use the leader guide to help organize the food and supplies for the yummy, creative snacks each day.

Job Skills – Organize snacks by crew, recruit helpers and be able to tie each day’s snack to the daily Bible verse and Bible point.

Games Leader – Lead 4 sessions of fun using the options provided in the games leader manual.  Every game connects to the day’s Bible story, key verse or mission project.

Job Skills – Create fun!  Organize materials and lead enthusiastically!

Bible Adventures leader – Lead 4 sessions of incredible fun and interactive learning activities that really make the Bible stories come alive.

Job Skills – Become familiar with the leader’s manual, organize supplies and props for each day and use the great decorating ideas to transform your space each day.

Spotlight VBS Leader – Take pictures of kids in specific poses, according to the Spotlight skit each day.  Use the downloadable program files to create a super cool photo presentation. 

Job Skills – Become familiar with the leader’s manual, organize supplies and props for each day, take photos and create and run the daily slideshow.

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