August 26, 2016

Day 239 of 2016

Over the centuries the Israelites lost the reality of God in their daily lives.  Slowly but surely they replaced true worship with empty religion with rituals and formulas...

God refused to play along.  That’s why he sent his prophets with thundering messages of his awesome glory and might.... 

The prayers of the Psalms are not a secret key to God’s blessings...Their words are God-breathed, but that doesn’t mean God will listen to you simply because you fill your prayers with phrased from them.  

Instead, they play the role of a tutor, teaching you  how to pray.  Let their honesty unlock your heart as you present yourself naked before God.....

Learning to pray is like reading the Bible.  Everyday is a new adventure.  

May you always have the humble heart of a pupil who has much to learn at the feet of the Master.

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(Synthesized from "The Message//Remix:Pause - A Daily Reading Bible")