February 11, 2016

Day 42 of 2016

God doesn’t want you to know him from a distance.  Picking up a few facts and some general ideas about who he is and what he does isn’t enough.  The creator designed you to experience his love close up.  Not contenting yourself with occasional cards or picking up the phone to say hi every week or so.  God wants more.  

Our holy God provided a way to bring you, and everything about you, into his presence.  Nadab and Abihu’s tragic mistakes and the warnings in the book of Hebrews remind you that you can’t take his open door lightly.  You have to come to God on his terms, not your own.  

The trip can be frightening, yet what else would you expect as you come near the One who spoke the universe into existence?  

What stands in your way as you try to get closer to God?  When do you find yourself pulling away from God. 

Through Leviticus and Hebrews, you will hear God call once again, “Draw near to me.”

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(Synthesized from "The Message//Remix:Pause - A Daily Reading Bible")