February 4, 2016

Day 35 of 2016

Last week we explored:
 the Law- God’s requirements for living in a relationship with him--
and Grace-- his ultimate fulfillment of the Law through the death and resurrection of his Son.... 

Exodus ended with Moses and the Israelites worshipping God at The Dwelling.  They had a place of worship, but that wasn’t enough.  God required people to bring sacrifices as they approached him.  This was necessary because sin cuts people off from God...

The book of Leviticus spells out all the hows and whys behind the sacrificial system.  But it is more that regulations.  As you read, you will discover that God wants you to live in his presence.  He wants to make you holy, just as he is holy...

In Hebrews, you will discover how the sacrifices foreshadow God’s eternal plan as well as what Leviticus means for us today.  

Together, these two books show how sinful people can live in the presence of a holy God both now and forever.

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