October 17, 2016

Job 12-14
Job answered Zophar:  I’m sure you speak for all of the experts; and when you die there’ll be no one left to tell us how to live.  But don’t forget that I also have a brain---I don’t intend to play second fiddle to you.  It doesn’t take an expert to know these things.

I’m ridiculed by my friends...ridiculed without mercy; ...It’s easy for the well-to-do to point their fingers in blame for the well-fixed to point scorn on the strugglers....But ask the animals what they think---let them teach you; let the birds tell you what’s going on....Listen---the fish in the ocean will tell you their stories.  Isn’t it clear that they all know and agree that God is sovereign, that he hold all thing in his hand---

True wisdom and real power belong to God; from him we learn how to live, and also what to live for....Strength and success belong to God; both deceived and deceivers must answer to him....

He shines a spotlight into caves of darkness, hauls deepest darkness into the noonday sun.

He makes nations rise and then fall, builds up some and abandons others.  He robs world leaders of reason, and sends them off into no-man’s-land.  They grope in the dark without a clue, lurching and staggering like drunks....

Everything you know, I know, so I’m not taking a backseat to any of you.  I’m taking my case straight to God Almighty;  I’ve had it with you---I’m going directly to God.  You graffiti my life with lies.  You’re a bunch of pompous quacks!  I wish you’d shut your mouths---silence is your only true claim to wisdom.

Listen now while I make my case, consider my side of things for a change....Your wise sayings are knickknack wisdom, good for nothing but gathering dust.  So hold your tongue while I have my say, then I’ll take whatever I have coming to me....You’d better pay attention to what I’m telling you, listen carefully with both ears.....

Please God, I have two requests;....
First, lay off the afflictions; the terror is too much for me.
Second, address me directly so I can answer you, or let me speak and then you answer me.

How many sins have been charged against me?  Show me the list---how bad is it?  Why do you stay hidden and silent?  Why kick me around like an old tin can?  Why beat a dead horse.....

We are all adrift in the same boat; too few days, too many troubles....There’s nothing much to us to start with, how do you expect us to amount to anything?  Mortals have a limited life span.  You’ve already decided how long we’ll live--you set the boundary and no one can cross it.  So why not give us a break?  Ease up!  Even ditchdiggers get occasional days off.  For  a tree there is always hope....But men and women?  They die and stay dead...

Why don’t you just bury me alive, get me out of the way until your anger cools?  

But don’t leave me there!  Set a date when you’ll see me again.  If we humans die, will we live again?  That’s my question.  All through these difficult days I keep hoping, waiting for the final change---for resurrection!!!

Homesick with longing for the creature you made, you’ll call---and I’ll answer!  You’ll watch over every step I take, but you won’t keep track of my missteps.  My sins will be stuffed in a sack and thrown into the sea--sunk in deep ocean...

Body and soul, that’s it for us--- a lifetime of pain, a lifetime of sorrow.

Matthew 15:21-!5:39
From there, Jesus took a trip to Tyre and Sidon.  They had hardly arrived when a Canaanite woman came down from the hills and pleaded: “Mercy, Master, Son of David! My daughter is cruelly afflicted by an evil spirit.”  Jesus ignored her.
The disciples came and complained, “Now she’s bothering us.  Would you please take care of her.  She’s driving us crazy.”

Jesus refused, telling them, “I’ve got my hands full dealing with the lost sheep of Israel.”

Then the woman came back to Jesus, went to her knees, and begged.  “Master, help me.”

Jesus said, “it’s not right to take bread out of children’s  mouths and throw it to the dogs.”

She was quick: “You’re right, Master, but beggar dogs do get scraps from the master’s table.”

Jesus gave in.  “Oh woman, your faith is something else.  What you want is what you get!”  Right then her daughter became well.

After Jesus returned, he walked along Lake Galilee and then climbed a mountain  and took his place, ready to receive visitors....all sorts of people in need.....  

Jesus healed them.  When the people saw the mutes speaking, the maimed  healthy, the paraplegics walking around, the blind looking around, they were astonished and let everyone know that God was blazingly among them.

But Jesus wasn’t finished with them.  He called his disciples and said, “I hurt for these people.  For three days now they’ve been with me, and now they have nothing to eat.  I can’t send them away without a meal---they’d probably collapse on the road.”  His disciples said, “But where in this deserted place are you going to dig up enough food for a meal?”

Jesus asked, “How much bread do you have?”  7 loaves plus a few fish.  At that, Jesus directed the people to sit down.  After giving thanks, he divided it up and gave it to the people.   Everyone ate.  They had all they wanted.  It took 7 large baskets to collect the leftovers.  Over 4,000 people ate their fill at that meal.

After Jesus sent them away, he climbed in to a boat and crossed over to the Magadan hills.