July 29, 2015

Day 210 of 2015 -

The prophets didn’t speak for God, He spoke through them.  Using each prophet as his mouthpiece.  God poured out his soul with an honesty that is at times painful to read....  

Let God’s passion sweep over you and wash away all your small ideas of what his love looks like.  Take a long look at God’s heart.  How will it change you?

God takes the expression of himself as a wounded lover to a new level this week as you read the book of Hosea...

Hosea too lived his message.  The way in which God told him to do this may shock you.  

You will also hear God pour out his heart through Paul in Acts, showing how his love drives him to reach out to anyone and everyone.

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(Synthesized from "The Message//Remix:Pause - A Daily Reading Bible")