April 22, 2015

 Day 112 of 2015 -

Your reading last week began with the culmination of one man’s failure and ended with the beginning of another’s failure.  

Saul started out strong but chose expediency over faith, personal gain over obeying God.  His life ended in tragedy, though it didn’t have to.  God wanted to bless Saul with all he had.  Instead, God ripped the kingdom from him and handed it to David.  Just when David seemed to be flourishing as king, he abused his power by sleeping with another man’s wife and arranging the man’s death to cover up his actions....

What makes power, fame and sex so alluring that people will sacrifice anything for them?...

Paul dealt with many of these same issues in I Corinthians.

What did God teach you this past week about keeping relationships healthy?  How will you avoid the pitfalls that destroyed so many godly people before you?

Over the next six days, you will discover how sin leaves a wake of destruction that God’s forgiveness doesn’t always take away.  That may not seem fair, but when God wipes away our sins, he doesn’t always remove the long-term consequences of the mistake we made.

Why doesn’t He?  Watch for the answer in the life of David.  Listen as well for the Message of hope.  

Even though some consequences may live on, God’s purpose for your life still stands.  When God get’s started, nothing can get in his way.  Not even you or me!!

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(Synthesized from "The Message//Remix:Pause - A Daily Reading Bible")