March 25, 2015

Day 84 of 2015 -

How do God’s justice and love go together?  What makes both necessary?  

How did God show mercy and an eagerness to forgive even in the midst of judgment?  

Reading Joshua and Mark together will give you an unique opportunity to see God’s justice and mercy side by Rahab the harlot with the people who flocked to Jesus.  What similarities to you see?  

If the Pharisees and religious leaders had responded to Jesus like Rahab did to the two spies, how might their story have changed?  

Justice means God gives us exactly what we deserve.  Mercy means God forgives and gives us what we do not deserve...The marriage of God’s mercy and justice will flare even brighter as you read Judges and continue through Mark.

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(Synthesized from "The Message//Remix:Pause - A Daily Reading Bible")