December 21, 2015

2 Chronicles 17-18
Asa’s son, Jehoshaphat, was the next king...God was on his side because he stuck to the ways of his father Asa’s early years---he was a seeker and follower of the god of his father and was obedient to him; he wasn’t like Israel....and everyone in Judah showed their appreciation by bringing gifts.  Jehoshaphat ended up very rich and much honored.  He was single minded in following God...

In the 3rd year of his reign, he sent his officials on a teaching mission to the cities of Judah...teaching the people and using the Book of the Revelations of God as their text.  There was a strong sense of the fear of God in all the kingdoms around Judah...So Jehoshaphat became stronger by the day, and constructed more and more forts and store-cities--an age of prosperity for Judah!

But even though Jehoshaphat was very rich and much honored, he made a marriage alliance with Ahab of Israel..But Ahab had a hidden agenda; he wanted Jehoshaphat’s support in attacking Ramoth Gilead.  Jehoshaphat said he would but before he would do anything, “ask God for guidance.”  

Ahab got 400 of his prophets together and they indicated to “go for it.”  But Jehoshaphat dragged his feet, “Is there another prophet of God around here we can consult?  Let’s get a second opinion.”  Ahab indicated that there was an man named Micaiah but he hated him since he never preaches anything good to him.  As they waited, Zedekiah, again shouted out that God would be with them if they went to battle...The messenger who went to get Micaiah told him, “The prophets have all said Yes to the king.  Make it unanimous--vote Yes!”  But Micaiah said, “As sure as God lives, what God says, I’ll say.”  

Later, to the king, Micaiah told him to go ahead, “an easy victory!  God’s gift to the king.”  “Not so fast” was Ahab response and ordered Micaiah to tell all that he might have seen.  Micaiah added, “I saw all of Israel scattered over the hills, sheep with no shepherd.  Then God spoke, “These poor people have no one to tell them what to do.  Let them go home and do the best they can for themselves.”...And that’s what happened.  God filled the mouths of your puppet prophets with seductive lies.  God has pronounced your doom.”  Just them, Zedekiah came up and slapped Micaiah in the face saying, “Since when did the Spirit of God leave me and take up with you?”  Micaiah said, “You’ll know soon enough; you’ll know it when you’re frantically and futilely looking for a place to hide....”  

So the two kings went ahead and attacked Ramoth Gilead.  The king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, “Wear my kingly robe; I’m going into battle disguised. Meanwhile, the king of Aram ordered his chariot commanders to only go after the king Of Israel.  When the chariot commanders saw Jehoshaphat, they took after him.  Jehoshaphat yelled out and the commanders realized they had the wrong man...God intervened and they let him go.  Just then someone, without aiming, shot an arrow into the crowd and hit the king of Israel in the chink of his armor...He died that evening.

Revelations 15
I saw another sign in Heaven...7 angels with seven disasters.  These were the final disasters, the wrap-up of God’s wrath....

Then I saw the doors of the Temple, the Tent of Witness in Heaven, open wide.  One of the 4 animals handed the 7 angels seven gold bowls, brimming with the wrath of God, who lives forever and ever.